​​​​Writing Consultation for Adults

  • Dissertations
  • Reports
  • Academic publishing
  • Professional communications (mission statements, artist’s statements, cover letters, website copy, etc.)

Support for:

Writing Consultation

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ASSESSMENT can help you to recognize your goals, strengths, and best strategies.  

  • I use interviews and writing samples to evaluate your strengths and challenges, and give you a written summary of your profile and recommended strategies.

PROJECT SUPPORT can help you to organize your thoughts, identify your priorities, and meet your deadlines. 

  • Many of my clients find that working out their ideas in conversation and dictation is the key to overcoming blockages.

ONGOING SUPPORT can help you to reset old patterns of unproductive thought and behavior. 

  • Writing consultation can be like therapy: taking the time to look at your existing patterns and practice new ones helps to establish new habits and improve your outlook.