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Our Daily Planning App:


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The Executioner is an app I developed to help my clients strengthen their executive functioning skills. Unlike productivity apps that automate tasks or remember them for you, it guides you through the steps of active assessment and planning. With regular use, you’ll become more able to break down tasks yourself, automatically, without the app.

The Executioner consists of 3 main tools:

  1. The Daily Schedule, where you assign a specific time of the day for each task.
  2. The Project Page, which breaks down a specific, complex task into steps, and gives you a visual timer to sharpen your focus while you work.
  3. The Diagnostics Page, which helps you to track and identify challenge areas, and record the strategies that have been working well for you.

Each of these tools incorporates visual-spatial representations and concrete step-by-step procedures, and should be easy to use for a wide variety of learning styles.

The app is still being tested, but is available in the Apple Store and Google Play now for early adopters!